Realize is a real estate brokerage based out of Glens Falls, NY.

We help our clients buy/sell commercial, residential, and vacant land assets.

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"By focusing on deeply understanding our clients’ needs, using technology to gain an edge, and creating a culture of celebrating doing a “damn good job”; we fundamentally believe that our brand will continue to grow, one deal at a time."

- Nic Ketter


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What are your areas of focus as a Real Estate Brokerage?

The client experience is at the core of everything we do at Realize Brokers. We started in Glens Falls as a young & hungry firm willing to work on any deal. That DNA has not changed. As we have delivered positive results for our clients, our reputation has grown and we have brokered larger and larger deals across different asset classes. From commercial, multi-family, vacant land, and residential. The knowledge and expertise we have gained through all the deals - positions our company to continue to deliver.

What separates Realize Brokers from other top Real Estate companies?

Working with our company is a different experience than working with other “traditional” firms. We have youth on our side. Our Broker is an MBA graduate and a highly experienced deal maker. We have a well-established network of buyers, sellers and agents looking to make deals. We understand the thirst for information in this digital age, and we leverage technology to quench this thirst. We also have our own in-house photography and licensed drone pilot.

How much does it cost to hire your company?

The answer to this question is, it depends. There are many variables - including asset class, price, timeline, and effort required to make it happen. Our company is in the business of providing a service that aligns “value brought to the table” with “fees paid at the table.” We understand that no two deals are created equal, and we are open to discussions on compensation that creates a win-win. We take pride in being fair & taking care of our valued clients, who continue to do business with us.

What process should I expect from your company?

We take a very personal approach in the initial phases of our process. Through our early discussions, we try to understand and define the outcome you desire deeply. Once that outcome is mutually determined, we gather as much relevant information as possible. This information helps to educate both of us about what we are working with and helps to establish value (whether it be for listing or acquisition). If the process is geared towards buying/acquisition, we will begin to search for opportunities and put effort into bringing the right deal for you to the table. If the process is geared towards listing - we bring out our technology and throw our secret sauce at your property - organizing all relevant information on one of our custom property pages for your review. We then discuss strategy – for some properties, it makes sense to bring to the MLS; for others, it makes sense to market privately. Once a deal is presented (this loops back in buyers/acquisition), we aid in the negotiation of the right deal. We help you understand all the elements of the deal, and we help to favorably position you in the deal through negotiations. Then we head to the deal cycle – which is the cycle that sees the deal go from “under contract” to the closing table. We have developed relationships with a network of all-star professionals in the areas we serve. This network supports you as we navigate the deal cycle, supports you in protecting your interests in the deal, and helps to make the whole experience as smooth as possible. We are also right there with you - at every step of the process, only a phone call or text away.

How can I get an “opinion of value” for my asset/land/home?

It’s as simple as sending us an e-mail or booking an appointment with one of our agents! Shoot us an e-mail at, reference "opinion of value" and please provide your property address, name and contact details! You can also call us at (518) 678-4444 and mention you’d like an opinion of value! In either event, our company will get working on it right away!

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