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Realize Brokers Commercial delivers quantifiable value through a tailored service unique for each client/customer. From owners, investors, and developers to tenants across a range of industries, we work tirelessly to devise creative solutions that drive desired outcomes.


Our Services Commercial Sellers

A Deep Understanding

Assisting commercial sellers comes down to deeply understanding the asset. By “deeply” we mean understanding how the asset is currently performing, how the asset could perform in the future and what it would take in the form of capital to close that gap. Not all properties that we represent will hit the market and many will become public knowledge only once the property hits public records for sales/transfers. Our process of assisting commercial sellers starts with understanding our clients desired outcome for the asset they currently own.


A Thorough Financial Analysis

We take time to understand the property from publicly available information and a bird’s eye view. We perform a financial analysis that will help us (and prospective buyers) understand the property's current “actual” financial situation, as well as what the property's “pro-forma” potential financial situation could be. We have a walk of the property with the objective of deepening our understanding of how the asset functions. We visually inspect structural, mechanical, electrical and infrastructure components and work to identify areas of strength and areas of potential improvement.

Unique Strategies

Once this information has been gathered and analyzed, we create a tailored listing strategy aligned with the client’s objective. Each listing strategy is unique to each asset. We leverage technology to gather relevant property details, we (in many cases) require execution of NDA’s in order to share financials and we do our best to package relevant property information in a streamlined fashion so that potential buyers and investors can come to internal conclusions in a timely manner.


Our Services Commercial Buyers

Uncovering Opportunities

Assisting commercial real estate buyers is about creating opportunities. There is no universal commercial MLS or IDX system that links all opportunities online for buyers to view in one place. Whether you are a savvy commercial buyer or someone who is looking to start a portfolio, we work hard to help you uncover the opportunities in our area that fit your set of requirements.


Meeting Your Requirements

Our process of assisting commercial buyer clients starts with creating a set of requirements. These requirements will guide us as we search and look to create opportunities that check the boxes. Once an opportunity is identified, we provide value in negotiation and procurement.

Once procured, we actively are involved in the deal cycle management to ensure that the desired outcome is fulfilled. We have a vast network of local professionals whom we have identified as “good at what they do”. This network assists you in deeply understanding the asset prior to closing and transfer and our relationships ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Our Services Commercial Leasing

The Right Fit

Assisting commercial landlords and tenants is all about the right “fit”. For landlords, we help to brainstorm on “who would be an ideal tenant” and provide value in the creation of floor plans, virtual models, virtual renders and targeted marketing to attract quality tenants. We also take pride in packaging this information and exposing it on platforms and through our network so that your property will get in front of tenants looking.

For tenants we help to brainstorm on “where would be a great space for you” and we provide value by assisting in creating the vision for the “ideal space” and then taking that vision and working to line it up with what is available (or what could be available) within our market.

For both landlords and tenants, there is often a negotiation process that involves many important details for potential space modifications, allocation of responsibilities and general terms.


Our Listing Approach


What You Need To Succeed

From a financial analysis to 4k drone photography, we cover all the bases to aid in the selling or purchase of your property.

Our Reach

We ensure your asset is exposed to our off-market network of buyers as well as the following industry-specific platforms:

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