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Residential Real Estate can be very personal. For sellers, you are preparing to part with a place that you (or perhaps your family) have called “home” for a time. For many buyers, this is among the largest financial investments you will make in your lifetime. Whether buying or selling, Realize Brokers Residential is committed to providing a top-shelf service, centered around you.


Our Services Residential Sellers

Our Approach

Our Residential Listing Approach has proven to perform well in today’s technological day and age. We throw the kitchen sink at our listings, providing valuable and relevant information that is easily digestible for interested parties. With our next-level online presence and custom machine aluminum on-premise signage, our listings generate demand that leads to favorable outcomes.

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Thorough Research

We take time to understand you as a client, understand the property and its pros and cons and then we help advise you on things to look to improve prior to bringing to market. We then do our research and due diligence and ensure we provide you with an accurate “fair market value range”. We discuss listing strategies
(including a few different options for listing pricing).

Once we establish an agreement, we produce our listing solution and prepare for GOLIVE. Once we officially hit the market, we assist coordination of showings and advise through inevitable negotiations.

Our Services Residential Buyers

Our Focus

For our Residential Buyers, our focus is to understand you deeply and work to clearly define exactly what it is that you are looking for. Sometimes, as a buyer, you may not even know what that is when the process begins. The residential buying process is all about persistence, especially in a hot real estate market. Every showing, every opportunity explored will get you (as a buyer) one step closer to the exact property that you are looking for!


Be Responsive

We set up automations that ensure both agent and buyer are notified when a property hits the market that may be of interest. We take pride in being very responsive so if there is a property of interest, we get you in ASAP.

Once an ideal property has been identified, we are there to advise you on negotiations and once a deal is procured, we leverage our network of preferred local professionals to ensure the deal cycle management process is as smooth as can be. We even created a client portal to increase transparency through the deal cycle management process.

Our Listing Approach

From 4k drone photography to virtual models, we include a wide range of benefits to aid in the selling or purchase of your property. Everything is combined to create a powerful, custom listing page for you.


Our Reach

We add your listing to our off-market network of buyers and the following leading MLS's.

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