Commercial Leasing

The Right Fit

Assisting commercial landlords and tenants is all about the right “fit”. For landlords, we help to brainstorm on “who would be an ideal tenant” and provide value in the creation of floor plans, virtual models, virtual renders and targeted marketing to attract quality tenants. We also take pride in packaging this information and exposing it on platforms and through our network so that your property will get in front of tenants looking.

For tenants we help to brainstorm on “where would be a great space for you” and we provide value by assisting in creating the vision for the “ideal space” and then taking that vision and working to line it up with what is available (or what could be available) within our market.

For both landlords and tenants, there is often a negotiation process that involves many important details for potential space modifications, allocation of responsibilities and general terms.


Our Listing Approach

From a financial analysis to 4k drone photography, we cover all the bases to aid in the selling or purchase of your property.

Are You Ready?

Whether we are representing you as a landlord or a tenant, we understand the ins and outs of this negotiation process and work hard to provide value in resolving these important details. Contact us to learn more or get started.

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