Our Listing Approach

We include a wide range of benefits to aid in the selling or purchase of your property. Everything is combined to create a powerful, custom listing page for you.


Professional Photography

Realize Brokers takes all of our photography in-house. This cuts down on turnaround time and allows us to refresh our marketing if necessary. We have invested in the right equipment and practiced many hours shooting properties to make sure they are represented in their best light.

4K Drone Photography

Realize Brokers has an in-house licensed commercial drone operator that takes 4K HD aerial photography. This photography provides important information about a property from a valuable perspective, above. This information aids in delineating approximate boundary lines, providing roof inspections, and understanding placement of structures, parking, etc.


Virtual Models

Realize Brokers provides 3-D high definition virtual models for every residential property that they represent. These models provide 24/7 access for prospective buyers to view many aspects of the interior of the property. This information provides extreme value by providing a virtual environment that interested parties can spend endless hours in. It also immensely cuts down on the disruption that comes with in-person showings for properties that are occupied.

YouTube Video Walk Through

Realize Brokers simulates showings to provide a more immersive and descriptive experience outside of pictures and data. A simulated showing provides another stream of valuable information that vets out uninterested prospects resulting in a smoother process for all parties.



Realize Brokers has the ability to virtually stage or renovate a property that is vacant which improves the appearance and provides a vision of "what could be".

Client Portal

Our client portal was created to aid in communication of where we are at in the deal cycle management process. Our portal increase transparency, creates a direct line of communication and serves as a repository of relevant documents for the deal.

Realize Brokers, Client Portal
Floor Plan

Floor Plan Creation

Floor plans are a critical piece of information for folks that are looking to purchase a residential home as they provide approximate measurements and a high-level view of the layout of the residential home. Realize Brokers creates these floor plans in-house and includes them as part of the listing presence for the property online.

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