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About Realize Brokers:

Realize Brokers is a full-service Real Estate Brokerage that was founded with the mission to modernize and simplify the experience of buying and selling real estate. Realize Brokers accomplishes this through creating an environment that is professional, supportive, and innovative. At Realize Brokers, we love Tech – and we make Tech work for you. Our main area of focus is phenomenal listing representation; meaning working with us – your property will be placed in its best light and be exposed with best practices. Realize Brokers has the infrastructure in place to provide any potential listing clients with 3-D Tours, 4k HD Drone Aerials, Virtual Renovations, Virtual Staging, syndication & optimization on all major Real Estate websites on the net and Custom Property Websites. We also take pride in being there for our buyer clients/customers at every step of the process. We go the extra mile to understand our buyer clients’ needs and then take that understanding and work with our clients to locate them on/off market opportunities, negotiate a favorable contract, assist through inspections and other deal milestones and lastly close the deal for our clients. Put simply, we help to make it happen.

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